Moving and Packing

As if the universe heard my quest for a life so simple, it gave me the BEST and the WORST challenge ever – house moving.

It’s the best challenge because…
1. I am moving into a much smaller place.
2. I am forced to declutter, simplify and re-examine my “ownership” of many things.
3. I am facing the busiest month (work wise) so far this year.

It’s also the worst challenge because…
1. I am moving into a much smaller place.
2. I am forced to declutter, simplify and re-examine my “ownership” of many things.
3. I am facing the busiest month (work wise) so far this year.

You did not just read the same thing twice, well, you did, sort of.
This is an exercise to remind me that despite the seemingly awful timing (plus I am sick) my end of month migration to a smaller, simpler and more compact living quarters has its merits.

Once I am done posting this, I will be spending the rest of this weekend (Friday evening included) simplifying my life.
In my last post, I asked myself WHY I wanted a life so simple.

Answer: Simplicity = Elegance = Happiness

I want to be happy while I live in simple elegance.
Simple elegance includes extending this gentle kindness that I treat myself, the people and things around me in the same way.
To live simply, one must be completely mindful and gentle.

One tip I learnt from a Japanese Master of 収納 (which literally means storing) is that when you discard something in your decluttering process, you must treat it with respect and gratitude – saying thank you to the item that has served you well over the years, as you are now retiring it to another realm(wherever that may be).

This simple gentle practice has made my decluttering process not only less painful but also a mindful meditation.
It has also made me much more aware of my subsequent purchases.
Only welcoming an item into my life if it is essential, has a definite purpose and absolutely beautiful in its own way.



To live a life so simple requires constant vigilance and discipline.
Sounds like a chore and bore then.

Shouldn’t a simple life also be fun and spontaneous, yet vigilant and disciplined because we want it, love it and prefer it?

So I asked myself the golden question.
Why do I want to live and love simply?

I will think about this for a bit before I answer myself.


Moving house is the perfect reason for simplifying my life.
I spent a lot of time over this weekend doing so.

Threw out bags and bags of things that I have not used nor needed for years, but have somehow followed me wherever I’ve moved.
Things that I no longer treasure but seem more like a burden.

It’s also made me realize how wasteful I have been with some of my purchases over the years.

A reminder that materialism is like an addiction.
You don’t know how addicted you are till you’ve sobered up.

I have a long way to go yet.

L’Art de la Simplicité

Earlier this week I bought a book at the TaoYuan International Airport in Taiwan.

L’Art de la Simplicité by Dominique Loreau.

A Chinese translation of her book which was originally written in French.

I have long been fascinated by minimalism, the art of living simply.
Yet I have not really committed myself to putting it into action.

Tired of just fantasising about living a life so simple.
Inspired by the simple yet achievable ways suggested by Dominique Loreau.
This blog/ journal will track my efforts as I follow the suggestions in her book.

You are welcomed to join me.
Or just enjoy the journey as an observer of my quest to live and love simply.
Be my witness and hold me accountable for my actions.

I am excited.

Tomorrow will be day one.

Loreau’s book separates the art of simplicity into three categories, or perhaps I can say, three approaches.

1. Materialism vs Minimalism

2. Body

3. Spirit (Mind)

I have finished reading parts 1 and 2.
And I will pick one item from the book regularly to incorporate into my daily life.

My next post will be about what I chose to start my life so simple with.